adidas Originals


What's your #SuperColor?


adidas Originals partnered with Pharrell Williams to release a special limited edition of their popular Superstar shoe; dubbed Supercolor, it allowed sneakerheads to express their personality by grabbing a pair of Superstars in one of 50 vibrant colours.


To launch the range Globally, Clubhouse partnered with adidas Originals to create, manage and fulfill a Global Instagram campaign across 6 markets, that gave fans the chance to win a pair of Supercolors in their favourite colour.

The competition asked fans to share an image of them wearing their Superstars, then tell us which color they would like as a comment. In addition to the competition mechanic, as the brand partnership was with Pharrell, we wanted to surprise each of the entrants and make them smile. In a first for Instagram, as the submissions from Originals fans rolled in, our reactive Design Team artworked their chosen colour onto their image in realtime, before sending it back as a surprise DM, which ultimately got reposed with further exposure for the launch.

To get the word out initially, we reached out to the Supercolor network of global influencers and supplied them with retouched images of their chosen colour which included fashion bloggers to international footballers.


The competition ran for 3 days across 6 markets. Thanks to our influencer seeding, reactive content approach and a Global group of enthusiastic sneakerheads, the launch was a super success:

4.36% Follower Engagement
Total number of interactions divided by followers

+127,000 IG Followers
38.7% increase when compared to typical weeks

398,472 Interactions
Over 130k per day for the campaign period (3 days)

1,779 Pieces of UGC
With over 50% of those being competition entries