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Secret Resolutions

Need a New Year's Resolution you'll actually stick to?
Leave it in the hands of your closest friends and the Global Twitter community


Each year we enter January full of good intentions. Whether it’s making better use of the gym we idly pay for each month, a pledge to learn a new language in time for summer, or smaller commitments like fixing that leaky tap or eating less meat.

Whatever they may be, they’re rarely carried through in full. Life gets in the way, enthusiasm wanes and the pledges made at the start of the year are nothing but a distant memory that we tell ourselves couldn’t be helped, no matter how much we tried to honour them.


Secret Resolutions tackles resolution-shy tendencies by latching on to a cognitive bias that people are far less likely to give something up once they’ve publicly committed to doing it.

The playful site allows groups of friends or colleagues to come together and secretly set each other’s New Year’s resolutions.
Once a group is created, the engine secretly assigns each person a friend to pick a light-hearted resolution for.

You have no control over your own.

Once the last person in the group has chosen a secret resolution for their partner they set a mass pledge in motion. As our application has control of each players Twitter account, the first time they’re aware of the resolution they’re committing to is the moment they tweet it out for the world to see.

It’s Secret Santa, but for good intentions instead of novelty tat.


The project was run as an R&D piece within the studio focussed around pushing Twitter as a platform.
Learnings from the resulting engine that held tweets and posted through the user’s own account has been used to innovate across several brand projects.

Secret Resolutions was acknowledged as one of the more interesting agency ‘Christmas Card’ releases for the year. We helped hundreds settle resolutions in the Twittersphere with organic participation from Adland big-hitters as well as teams in companies such as ASOS, adidas and Virgin.