Stella McCartney


An interactive celebration, from creative females around the world.


Summer 2016 saw the launch of Stella McCartney’s new fragrance, POP; a celebration of individuality, authenticity and adventure.

As Stella’s philosophy is that fragrance and cosmetics should enhance each woman’s unique, inner beauty, rather than distract or overpower it, POP celebrated an attitude rooted in authenticity and individuality; a liberation from the one-size-fits-all mould.

Stella’s characterisation of POP:
“POP is a spirit. It is about capturing and celebrating that very special and exciting time when you are finding yourself and coming into your own. It is about freedom, and starting your life away from judgements or labels. Together as one, these strong young women are a force to be reckoned with.”

Clubhouse were tasked with launching the fragrance promoting the POP mindset, to a new generation coming into their own; true to themselves and those around them.


#POPNOW: An interactive celebration of POP from creative females around the world.

Creative Content

Following the launch the new campaign film, we kicked of a digital collaboration series to work with, and hero, different female artists across Stella’s channels. The brief to each of the artists was completely open as it was important that they could interpret ‘POP’ and what it means to them in their own way, and through their own medium.

Part of what POP stands for is the idea of freedom and liberation, so instead of being restricted by the constraints of a prescriptive brief we wanted our collaborators to be able to explore and create in their own way.

The art created featured across Stella’s social channels that included a newly designed Tumblr. Collaborations so far have included Rosanna Webster, Mannon Wertenbroek, Jen Campbell, Lisa Wassmann and Becka Saville.

#POPNOW Interactive Experience

As part of the collaboration series we wanted to give the POP audience the opportunity to create a piece of personalised content with one of our artists in a fun and unique way.

To bring this to life, we worked with New York-based 3D Internet artists Reed+Rader to create an interactive experience that allows girls to place themselves and one of their friends into an abstract interpretation of one of the scenes from the launch film. The result was a dynamic video experience powered in realtime by 3D webGL animation across mobile, tablet and desktop.


Artist collaborations are ongoing. The series will continue into the new year with influential and credible female creatives like Phillipa Pell, Natalia Stuyk, Fran Buss and Laura Callaghan. This content – each completely unique and different from the last – perfectly encapsulated the essence of POP, and the message Stella wanted to convey.

As the content had authentic roots, the distribution of it through Stella’s as well as the artists’ own channels, allowed the campaign to spread organically through an authentic network of viewers, without the need for media support. This continues with each new collaboration; cementing the POP ideology throughout the season.

The interactive #POPNOW experience was a spirited and playful without taking itself too seriously. The prospect of personalised content saw over 1000 unique UG content pieces created in the first few weeks, from with a globally-engaged audience from cities including London, New York, Paris, Seoul and Moscow.