FW17 Gymwear Collection


Oysho’s FW17 Gymwear collection is boldly simple, consisting of strong lines, monochromatic materials, and subtly striking patterns that are built with movement in mind. Offering an alternative to the bright or loud training gear trends, the FW17 collection is minimalistic, powerful and beautiful – for the authentic everyday athlete.

Clubhouse were asked to launch the collection for sale across Oysho stores globally.


We wanted to celebrate the range by capturing the essence of their design; achieving an effortlessly cool aesthetic that’s perfectly placed at the intersection of Fashion and Skate culture.

Our series focuses on real Skater girls as they cut beautiful, authentic movements through environments that are digitally abstracted with the premium materials that inspired the collection.

Authentic Talent

By casting real skater girls capable of tricks with body form and movement closer to that of contemporary dance, each still was able to communicate a real and beautiful movement, whilst importantly retaining a strong feminine feel.
As women that aren’t traditional fashion models, Rianne Evans (@rianneskate) and Carla Calero also provided a canvas for the clothes that felt more natural and grounded, rather than posed and static.

Environment & Aesthetic

Shot on location at Bay Sixty6, London’s only all-weather skate park, the rolling concrete bowls and ramps offered a strong but understated architectural backdrop for the collection to shine. Each shot was themed by a material texture for the look, which was then mapped to the surface under and around the skater.

3D scanning was used to digitise the skatepark architecture; mapped to the photographer’s field of view shot-for-shot. This allowed the team to ground each still in reality, whilst distorting the look at the same time.


8 key visual represented the key collection online and across hundreds of Oysho stores worldwide.