Bringing the taste of Bombay to the every day


Dishoom were preparing to open their third site in King’s Cross, when we were welcomed into the fold and asked to overhaul their digital presence.

The ambition was to recreate Dishoom’s “world” – “an innocent, big-hearted, slightly barmy, sepia-tinted, charmed kind of place”, in which they welcome anyone and everyone; transporting them to a more romantic time and place by curating and sharing their love for Bombay’s food and culture. This “world” has four principles at its core. Seva, selfless service to others. Nostalgia, paying affectionate homage to the Bombay of the first half of the last century. Honesty, being true to who and what Dishoom is; no nonsense. And Barmy-ness, delighting in playful and eccentric quirks.

This vision of Dishoom’s “world” and these core principles provided a solid foundation and constant reference point for us, helping them to create an online experience that is (almost!) as rich and rewarding as visiting one of the cafés themselves.

This approach was carried through the entire process in the creation of a new class of CMS-driven restaurant websites. One that subtly shares the romantic story of Dishoom whilst, in the spirit of Seva, quickly provides visitors with the information they are seeking.


Bringing a taste of Bombay to the everyday.

A functional and editorially lead website that transports visitors to Dishoom’s nostalgic vision of Bombay in the 1930s – 1960s. An experience that honours Dishoom’s Dharma; selflessness, honesty and eccentricity.

Each page of the website has been crafted like a piece of print design – the only authentic reference point for the 1930-60’s Bombay design aesthetic. The bespoke responsive framework optimises to the viewers browser and device to best showcase the crafted content and design aesthetic. This allowed us to achieve our internal ambition, that ’every page could be framed and hung on the wall’


The site’s aesthetic and smooth navigation led to numerous positive press and awards for the brand. In addition to this, and in the spirit of the Bombay term ‘Seva’ – the act of selfless service – the site helped visitors not only discover a taste of Bombay, but also improved efficiency for those wanting to book a table. Since the new design went live the brand saw 106% increase in repeat visitors, a 50% uplift in dwell time, and perhaps most impressively, a 1000% increase in successful bookings originating from the site.