Creature of London

Creature Greeter

A beautiful blend of analogue and digital, Creature Greeter received international press coverage & 500,000+ impressions.

The Project

Creature Greeter is a rich iPad experience created for a neighbouring agency, Creature of London, to welcome their visitors in a unique and memorable way.

We designed it in a way that interaction felt inherently natural despite the technology involved. It all starts with a simple shake. Facial recognition pairs a creature to the clients face. Playful reasons for visiting the office (in line with Creature’s tone of voice) are selected each visit, as their creature avatar is checked into the building and released around the office.

Digital screens throughout the building allow released creatures to roam free and interact with each other in an environment that matches the local weather and time of day.

We wanted clients to enjoy visiting the agency, so to complete the experience, each check-in results in a tactile takeaway; a ticket receipt representing their check-in. Collect 5 and you can exchange the tickets for a jar of Creature’s home made honey (another symbol of their brand).