Byron Hamburgers

Grilling the competition with wit and charm.


Byron started in 2007 with a simple mission: to do one thing, and do it properly. 

Now a well-loved premium casual dining brand with a reputation built on simple, fresh, good-quality food and outstanding customer service, diners regularly enjoy hamburgers made from the best ingredients, and paired with a cold craft beer or two.

The business has seen rapid growth over the last few years; from the opening of new restaurants to increased demand and competition through online services; providing customers with new ways to access their signature food and drink.

While entering their next phase of growth, sales and restaurant-visits generated through digital channels were seen as fundamental to the longevity of the business going forward. Clubhouse were approached to develop tools and services to enable them to retain and grow competitive advantage; starting with a redesigned brand website and takeaway platform.


Do one thing, and do it properly: Beautiful content, served exactly when you need it.

Impactful typography, playful illustration, animated glyphs and an intelligent UI work to deliver a unique feel that is esoterically Byron.

Part of the brand’s charm is their use of popular illustrators to communicate messaging throughout their restaurant interiors. We commissioned those same illustrators to create visuals that answer the needs of our digital visitors in a uniquely Byron way. Illustrations were identified to cover a variety of narratives and functional needs across the site; from simple visual flourishes, to announcement messaging, navigational aids and alerts.

And of course there’s never any sizzle without a juicy steak-burger behind it. The site presents a simple and intuitive experience for the user, thanks to smart, service lead thinking behind the scenes. Key journeys such as making a booking, contacting a restaurant or browsing the food and drink on offer were adapted to best serve the needs of each customer based on their context and device. A brand new UI and site architecture allowed us to more than halve the number of steps needed to complete primary tasks compared to the previous site design, and thanks to an intelligent homepage that learns from previous visits, users on the go can access their favourite restaurant in as little as one click or tap.


The Byron brand was already leader of the pack for visual craft and brand identity. With a clean taxonomy, a focus on serving the right content at the right time, and playful interactions true to the brand’s DNA, the all new continues the well-loved brand ethos, and does the simple things well.