Argos Gift Guide

Fantastical gifts ideas for the digitally unimaginative

The Challenge

After seeing a decline in popularity during the 90’s and 00’s, Argos were looking to reclaim their place as one of Britain’s best-loved retail brands. Faced with strong competition from alternative retailers like Amazon, their mandate was to transform the brand’s reputation into one that has digital at it’s core, and innovation running through everything they do.

With the Christmas period accounting for a significant level of sales for the brand, the challenge was to create a retail experience that not only felt innovative, but also inspired an emotional connection with Argos, giving them a reason to come back.


Why do work when you can play?

Gift giving shouldn’t feel like a chore, but it also doesn’t need to be boringly efficient and predictable. Just as browsing the Argos catalogues of yesteryear produced those hidden gems you didn’t know you were looking for, the all new Argos Gift Guide is a playful environment that sparks consumers’ imagination, and solves their gifting blank spots through a simple navigation mechanic, and a very clever backend.

The UI was completely unique for a commerce site. Structured around an infinite honeycomb grid of products, users were free to browse with a low cognitive load, across desktop and tablet.

While the site was used primarily for those looking for inspiration; dynamically-updating trends based on location and habit, lifestyle tools to pinpoint gifts for specific individuals, and a slick basket and checkout experience meant that users were able to get some serious shopping done as well as browsing for fun.

For those shopping in Argos stores, a Leap Motion version of the site allowed users to browse the product board using gestures, and collect their chosen products at the till.


The Gift Guide was the world’s first leap-motion enabled E-tail experience and contributed to Argos’ best Christmas sales in 10 years. With over 5,000,000 page views and an average engagement of 3:05 minutes on the run up to Christmas, the gift guide was one e-tail experience that didn’t feel like a chore to use.

Outside of the online space, for in-store footfall, the gesture-enabled version of the guide was a bold step to let customers know that Argos were embracing digital, and the brand were ready to compete as a modern, forward-thinking retailer.