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adidas Women YouTube Relaunch

Celebrating female creativity, creation and collaboration


The adidas Women audience sits at the intersection of sport and culture – strong, independent women whose passions span well-beyond sport. To achieve any significant cut-through as a brand, any comms need to be authentic, considered and meaningful.

Over the last 3 years, adidas Women and Clubhouse have worked to champion female creativity from all walks of life. By collaborating with those already making a difference in their communities, we’ve nurtured a hyper-engaged community of women in their millions; establishing adidas Women as a brand that stands firmly for co-creation and creativity.

Having successfully grown and cultivated an audience on Instagram, the adidas Women YouTube relaunch became an important strategic platform for the brand to have a presence. When it came to those killing it on YouTube, individual creators were leaving the big brands in their wake. They uploaded content more frequently, they were more reactive, more on point and more relatable.

The challenge for us was to create a channel that operated beyond a simple brand destination; and instead become an authority at the cross-section of sports and cultural fitness.


Working with YouTube’s brand team and with a focus on creating content that matters, our strategic approach was rooted in the search and viewing habits of our target audience. From looking at the data both regionally and Globally, two creative territories presented themselves as clear areas of focus. Episodic lifestyle content performed well for repeat traffic and longer viewing sessions, while training-based workout content was an overwhelmingly high driver in search spikes within the broader sports-lifestyle category.

From the patterns of their browsing, it was clear that the audience were subscribing and returning to watch content that tackled wider lifestyle issues beyond simply sport; instead focusing on more broad cultural topics that mattered to them. However, when it came to training the YouTube search bar was her go-to, with loyalty to any one content provider lower in priority over getting her fix.

Meet The Creators – A City focussed episodic series

Meet The Creators is a documentary short series celebrating women shaping culture and changing the game in their cities. With filming spread across five global cities throughout the year, this episodic series is true to the brand’s DNA; championing female grass-roots creativity both in front of, and behind the camera.

Each mini-series focuses on women who are paving the way in Fitness, Mindfulness, Nutrition and Culture, speaking to the audience’s passion points and standing as a powerful manifesto of what it means to be a true creator. From London to Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and Berlin, each installment is completely unique to the city and the women that inhabit it.

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adidas Women workouts - Trend-driven workout content

With YouTube being the number one social platform for workout content, we needed to define a strategy and style that would let adidas Women stand out while adding a unique point of difference.

Following our key city approach, adidas Women workouts are a series of full-length at-home workouts and easy to follow how tos, brought to life by trainers from around the Globe.

Directly influenced by market insights and regional search trends, the series covers everything from yoga and HIIT to primal movement and strength training. By harnessing the power of a global community of female athletes, we’re getting women to train hard, work out and have fun together, while also becoming stronger through diverse and unique workout content.

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The channel re-launched at the end of 2017, and has already delivered on our ambition for beautiful content that champions female empowerment and meets their workout needs. From inspiring stories to unique training plans, a large-majority female 18-35 audience have already amassed years of viewing across mobile, desktop and digital TV.

Using YouTube’s insights to inform content ideas has proved to be effective. With meet the creators commanding an amazing 52% view-through-rate and channel subscriptions more than doubling since launch – the community is engaged and brand affinity is high.

Viewers have also shown appreciation of adidas’ commitment to creating content that matters to them by driving to to shop in their thousands. As a result, adidas have gained an additional traffic source of well-qualified leads that don’t feel like they’ve been sold to, but instead shop because they share the same values and interests.

“YouTube enables us to connect with our audience from a hyper-local to Global level,
providing the opportunity to build an engaged community connected through meaningful storytelling which is at the heart of the adidas brand.

More importantly, YouTube has allowed us to amplify the stories of the women and communities who inspire us to be her true partner in sport. To be able to truly co-create with our audience is of such great value to our Women’s business and we hope to continue to nurture this growing community.”

Heather Turnbull – Senior Social Manager, adidas Global