adidas StellaSport Tumblr

The sub-culture hub where sports performance meets lifestyle


adidas StellaSport is a brand aimed at the next generation of female athlete – one that cares as much about culture, style and creativity as they do about fitness itself. With the social landscape of fitness growing more crowded and competitive each day, it’s no longer enough to broadcast bitesized content, to be passively consumed by the audience.

Of course, creating beautiful content to inspire the audience is worthwhile and important to every brand but we didn’t just want to create inspirational content for StellaSport – we wanted to embrace collaboration, narrative and authentic storytelling to engage our audience in ways that matter.


We worked closely with adidas to create a unique editorial platform that would not only celebrate these girls but also allow us to collaborate with them, and that would allow them to tell their own story, in their own way. 

Instead of building a standalone digital platform from the ground up, we built the editorial platform on Tumblr, a place where our audience already created, shared and engaged with relevant content. We developed a unique tagging strategy that meant we were able to use the best of the native Tumblr functionality, but also enhance it beyond the platform’s normal boundaries. Our custom hashtags transformed single posts into connected stories, and multiple posts into long-form articles, transforming the adidas StellaSport Tumblr into an editorial platform.

Along with the custom design and build came the specially designed content strategy turning a simple editorial site into the sub-culture hub for the brand. Tapping into our wide Global influencer network we’ve fuelled the site with over 100 collaborations from all around the world, allowing them to tell their side of the story in their own way, inspiring and empowering an audience young females along the way.


From London and New York to Rio, Tokyo, LA and Tel Aviv, we’ve worked with some of the best emerging talent across the Globe; producing short films, city guides, illustrations, photography and some incredibly beautiful articles.

The Stellasport Tumblr and our creative collaborations have earned the spot of best practice within adidas to guide other categories such as Women’s and Originals with their latest campaigns.

> 10.2 million article impressions generated

> 3.8% earned engagement on content

> 3 minutes average dwell time