adidas by Stella McCartney

Nature x City VR

Presenting the FW17 collection from a unique perspective


The new adidas by Stella McCartney FW17 collection is inspired by the contrasting environments of city life and the wild outdoors. The designs exemplify that in their nature-inspired prints, their detailing and the different technologies used to ensure that those wearing them are ready for anything.

Clubhouse were tasked with launching the collection and it’s key looks, during a private launch event to key media and influencers within the fashion world.


In the spirit of the collection’s ability to adapt to the wearer’s environment and training pattern, we created an interactive experience that goes beyond a simple product presentation. VR headsets fully immerse the viewer at the heart of a 360° performance; bringing the story and the collection’s versatility to life in a truly unique way.

Viewers were placed at the centre of two parallel worlds in which the new collection excels; One, a rooftop overlooking the busy urban cityscape below – the other, a rural terrain where nature takes centre stage. The contrasting city and nature locations reflected the versatility of the collection, as well as the different ways the versatile female athlete can wear the clothes.

Within each world, female athletes including Japanese influencers Yuka Mannami and Chiharu Okunugi were positioned around the viewer performing their own continuous movements inspired by training. By interacting with the provided remote, each viewer can create a film experience that’s completely unique to them; controlling what they see and when within a dual-environment that surrounds them 360°.

The interactive film is was showcased using the Google’s DayDream VR headset and their latest Pixel handset.


Over 600 guests from media and the fashion world experienced the VR collection launch from their own perspective at the Tokyo event.

“With the new FW17 collection, every design has been considered so women can be creative and thrive whatever their environment, their workout, or what the weather is like. With this playful virtual reality experience we’ve not only communicate this, but it’s done so in such a fun and innovative way”

Stella McCartney

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